It’s a Start

I am very undecided about which bloggerific platform I’ll be using (it’s between WordPress and Tumblr), and so, for now, I’ll just post to both. Because, you know, exposure.

Today’s topic is running. Did you know I used to run? And I don’t mean down the block to catch my bus. Or to my seat in the theatre of each and every Harry Potter movie (although that definitely happened eight times). I mean competitively. Through my school. Against other girls my age. In races. For medals. And glory.

Oh, so much glory.

But yes, I did. From about 6th grade until my sophomore year of high school, I was a legitimate runner. Mind you, this was not only before the age it is cool to take up running as a hobby (which is approximately 22-26 years old), but this was before the time of mass marathons and a 5k to support every ailment. Running basically wasn’t as cool then as it is now.

Because running is SO cool.

So why did I stop? Many a reason. Health. Time. Injuries. The specifics can be quick and simple or long and drawn out, but the point is that none of them was good enough to quit for good. Especially not after seeing so many people in the media (some of whom I know personally) overcoming obstacles to rehabilitate themselves or even to race in the first place.

After four years of college and two of graduate school, I saw that I finally was able to make time for it. And the break was great for my mentality after being hindered by a foot injury and exercise induced asthma. And so I decided to break my hiatus by signing up for a 5k and putting my name into the Chicago Marathon lottery for good measure.

The 5k is this Saturday. I find out if my name is drawn in the lottery the following Monday.

It’s April in Chicago, and due to weather (oh my winter) and my work schedule, I have run exactly twice this calendar year. For a total of approximately four miles.


Today I didn’t run simply because, you know, other things got in the way. And then I was too tired. Great excuses, yeah? But, I’m going to keep on the (running) track I’ve set. Because I am so used to making myself be a perfectionist or giving up. If I miss a run I wanted to take, I quit. If I don’t think I can write here “enough”, I don’t write at all. So in the spirit of making my inner perfectionist shut the heck up, I’m just writing. And running. And doing whatever else it is that I decide to pursue.

One step at a time.


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