Tunesday: Worth It

I know during my marathon training in 2014, my trouble with asthma came up a bit. It’s the thing that put an end to my running way back in high school because it was so unmanageable.

See, I don’t have regular asthma, which is crazy and hard to deal with in itself. My asthma is exercise induced, something I grew into from working out so hard/much after being perfectly healthy for years. How my asthma presents itself is in a hacking cough immune to the most powerful of syrups, upper respiratory infections that last for weeks despite antibiotic treatments, and sometimes pneumonia. It’s scary stuff that effects me long after I unlace my running shoes.

except for when it makes me cough for the next month…

Surprisingly, my asthma didn’t rear its ugly head much during my marathon training. It did, however, hit me hard just before I was due to begin training for the North Shore Classic Half Marathon. And as a gal who is about to be married, the last thing I wanted was to aggravate this cough and be hacking up a lung at my ceremony and reception.

So training has taken a back seat, as has Tunesday, and as someone who really bases her self worth on setting and achieving goals I won’t lie: it’s been tough to sit tight and get better for my wedding. And while I fully intend to start training again the second my wedding is over (my cough as almost fully subsided and… honeymoon runs? yes please!), I know it won’t be enough to get the race result I wanted when I signed up. And that’s a hard pill to swallow.

So today I bring you a song to pick you up if you’re feeling down, whether you have a looming race you know you’re not prepared for, a work or school thing you know you could have done better on, an instance you know could have gone better or you could have put more effort toward… any time you didn’t feel like you were living up to your potential or worth a reward.

We can’t bring A+ efforts and have winning results every time, and especially in those times of not being your best, remember that you’re still worth it.

What was the last race (or presentation/test/party/trip/whatever) you knew you weren’t fully prepared for? How did it go?

What song makes you feel worth it?


6 thoughts on “Tunesday: Worth It

  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear this! I went through something similar with hurting my knee skiing (almost two months ago now!); I knew I had to ease up on if not completely stop all the activities I love doing (running, yoga, hell WALKING THE DOG, etc.), to be able to do them just as well in the future. It sucks when you know the best thing to do for yourself is to sit tight and be patient. Good for you being good to yourself!

    • Thanks, girl! The sitting tight definitely worked wonders (did you hear a cough at my wedding? I didn’t!) but now the tough part is trying to motivate myself to train for such a short term goal! AH!
      Guess it’s time to prove exactly how crazy I am :0D

    • Thanks for the encouragement- I definitely did enjoy the wedding and honeymoon and am now trying really hard to get back on the training bus (intimidation keeps pushing me off!). :0)

  2. I think it was really brave of you to register for a race so close to your wedding in the first place :) That’s a good enough reason for you to not be as well prepared for the half! In 2014, I was under trained for a half marathon. Some things happened that got me really angry in the week or so before race day and that anger fueled a PR race time for me, haha! You never know what will happen on race day. Not all is lost!

    • Brave? I was thinking more… shortsighted and dumb, but your word is far kinder lol And you’re totally right- I ran that quarter with literally no training MUCH faster than I thought possible… stranger things have happened than accidentally doing good at a race!!

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