Wednesday Warrior

If ever a day of the week deserved this declaration, today is it.

I work part time at my library job, which means I haven’t worked more than four (non-full) days in a row in, well, over a year. No complaints. Except that this week, due to a coworker being on vacation and another one being sick, I am on day 3 of 5 of my work week and wowza, do I not miss this much.

Except for the fact that, the busier I am, the more productive I seem to be able to make myself. No, I haven’t gotten myself back to the gym just yet (I know I KNOW), but between my jam-packed eight-hour workday, condo building board meeting (where I was approved to Chair the Pet Committee- more on that soon!), and dinner… I am still somehow finding the will to blast out a bunch of e mails I’ve been meaning to send, pour myself a glass of prosecco (my new evening beverage of choice), and get some writing done. I might even cap it all off with some reading. Who knows! The night is young! And I don’t have to be to work tomorrow until 2pm (the joys of librarianship).

That five year plan… we all have a tentative one, right? Well, certain parts of mine are more tentative than others. What’s certainly not tentative? I know that I want to run for office. Do I know which office? Of course not. Do I know where this office (city vs. suburbs) will be? Not that either. But I know I want to make a difference and these past few months have taught me that I have what it takes to speak up and be heard and be an agent of change. Enter an opening on my condo’s board for not only members of a Pet Committee, but the Chair position. Sign me up! I have experience on (and running!) an executive board back from my sorority gal days (y’all are looking at a former Veep, no lie), but I figured I could do with some refreshing of Robert’s Rules and use some “real life” experience, so when the opportunity presented itself… I did not throw away my shot.

Also note, I can never control myself when it comes to making a Hamilton reference. And y’all, I am seeing Hamilton for a second time this Sunday! You read that right: a second time. Me. Because, in one of the luckiest moments of my adult life, I won the Broadway Chicago Hamilton lottery and scored myself and John $10 tickets to a show this past November! That night, emotions were post-election high and the view was extremely obstructed, so while I enjoyed every single second of it (while also sobbing through an entire mini pack of Kleenex and straining my neck), I am so very excited to see it once more. With a more centered view. And Wayne Brady as Aaron Burr.

I’m willing to wait for it. *wink*

I hope your Wednesday has been swell, and that your downward glide into the weekend is quick but not so quick that you lose track of it and go spiraling into a tree.

…that escalated quickly.

Quick! Before I have another random thought!



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Warrior

    • Brittany Drehobl says:

      I know, right? But no joke, I’ve loved civics and American history and politics since high school thanks to some extraordinary teachers, but didn’t really have the gumption to follow that line of study in college. As luck would have it, all of my college-and-post-graduation work experience has given me the skills I didn’t think I had and the confidence I knew I didn’t have to look into pursuing it again.
      And this past year has opened my eyes to the need for some go-get-em women in positions of power and influence.
      So, can I count on your vote? ;0)

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