Write to Change the World

I promised you big things would start happening soon and this weekend, I did so much to set huge possibilities into motion. Because y’all, just so you know, I plan to change the world.

This weekend, I attended a one day writing class geared toward, you guessed it, changing the world through writing and presenting thought leadership into the world. A local political group I am affiliated with joined up with The Op-Ed Project to give a one-day, eight-hour, intensive op-ed writing workshop.

img_4025I had never heard of The Op-Ed Project when I found this opportunity, and wasn’t even sure what an op-ed was, but after a bit of research, I was all in. In a society where the majority of opinion pieces come from white males, the Project’s main focus is to raise the voices of marginalized people, especially those of women, in order to introduce dynamic thought leadership into the world. Of course, all people of all genders, races, and orientations are warmly welcomed to attend any classes.

At this workshop, my peers and I learned how to hone and trust our expertise and find the value in our knowledge of numerous topics. We also explored not only how to fit big ideas and current events into our areas of expertise, but how to build credibility and confidence in our ideas. Most importantly? We were imparted with the idea not only that we mattered, but that we have a civic duty to add our narratives to wider thought cacophonimg_4019y in order to challenge the status quo, arouse change, influence leaders (or even raise ourselves to leadership positions) and ultimately change the world.

The biggest cherry on this sundae of promise is that, am I (or any of the class’s participants) to turn in a viable op-ed to the Project within a month of our class, we will be paired with a writing mentor from a pool of famous essayists, renown editors, Pulitzer prize winners. It’s truly the change of a lifetime. And I am not throwing away my shot.

“If you say something of consequence, there may be consequences – but the alternative is to be inconsequential.”

Of course, it’s scary to put your ideas out into the world, especially when your goal is to challenge ideas, to provoke thought, to inspire change in very powerful people and positions. But, going back to my favorite musical of the moment, which I have found myself doing more and more in this political climate and with my more challenging writing, if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?

And so, world, you will soon know what I stand for. Because, to be sure, despite my youth, and perhaps because of it, I have big ideas for this nation and this world. And I think, if I can be effective and convince you to give them a chance, they might just work.

Speaking of young woman changing the world (and Lin-Manuel Miranda, at that…), have you seen Diseny’s latest, Moana? As if this blessing of a movie could come into my life at more perfect a moment, I finished watching this beautiful story just this morning and I. am. inspired. I had this song (and its reprises) stuck in my head even before I saw the film and let me tell you… they now have squished their spot in my heart right next to my favorites from Hamilton.

Because now that, when it comes to op-eds and what they can lead to, I know what I know?
There’s just no telling how far I’ll go.

And now, for me, it’s time to write (like I’m running out of time).
Have a good week, y’all!


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